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Todd Henry on the Importance of Creative Constraints (Summit Preview Video)

The Creative Focus Online Summit is almost here.

All this week, in a countdown to the Summit, we’ve been posting teaser videos.

Monday: Claire Lew on Quality and Patience
Tuesday: Josh Kaufman on the 5 Essentials of Business
Wednesday: Jocelyn K. Glei on her Stop Doing List

Today we’ve got a segment from my session with Todd Henry, where Todd shares about the importance of boundaries and constraints related to doing our best creative work.

“Structure and creativity are two sides of the same coin.”

In the full-session that we’ll be posting next week, Todd and I will dive into the following:

  • Your need to be able to thrive under creative pressure
  • How to stay creatively focused
  • The importance of relationships
  • Staying inspired
  • Keeping up your creative energy
  • Building a body of work
  • The “myth” of work-life balance

You can get access to Todd’s session plus all the others for free when you register for the free summit.

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