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✓ Unlimited access to every course in our library

✓ Monthly coaching, workshops, and Q&A with our team

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What's Inside?
Focus Course features and clients

You're already a productivity person....

So why don't you feel more productive?

Your bookshelf could double as Amazon’s entire productivity and time management section.

Your phone is packed with the best apps you can find.

Your artisanal journal is always within arm’s reach.

So why is staying focused and productive still such a slog?

Instead of making consistent progress in your most important areas of life...

Hamster, meet wheel. Right?

But the worst part is when it all starts bleeding into your personal life.

When you start sacrificing relationships, rest, and even your health…just so you can hopefully maintain the status quo.

It feels like every area of your life needs more attention — but how are you going to find time to do it all?

You don't need more time — you need more focus.

Focus is two things: Clarity & Action

  1. Maximum Clarity: knowing what truly matters in your life and career.

  2. Action: Directing your attention on those things that matter most.

Focus is a superpower in our current era of endless distractions and opportunities.

Alas, you can’t magically acquire focus overnight like a superhero who gets bitten by a bug and wakes up a new man.

Focus is a real-life muscle. You have to exercise it. You have to train it. And you get to use it every single day.

And it helps to have new ways to use it and different approaches so you don’t get tired of the same old routines (because honestly, we've all been there).

That’s why I built The Focus Accelerator...

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Shawn Blanc

Shawn Blanc

Your Focus Guide

👋 Hello. My name is Shawn Blanc. My team and I are honored to be your hosts and support you inside Focus Accelerator!

I’m a writer, small-business owner, productivity coach, and creative entrepreneur living in Kansas City with my wife and our three boys.

For the past 20 years, I have been learning and teaching about creativity, diligence, and focus. I’ve spoken about these topics at conferences and workshops; I've taught them to private groups and one-on-one clients; and my online courses have helped tens of thousands of people.

The Blanc Family

♥️ Married for 17 years, and we have 3 boys. Send pizza! 🍕

My Journey From Overwhelmed to Focused

I used to work 80 hours per week. And even, with all those hours, I still felt behind with my never-ending issues at work. I kept thinking I would eventually get ahead of the craziness and start making progress on meaningful work.

Eventually I quit that job to begin working for myself. But even then, I still found that I was always chasing my to-do list. I never felt satisfied at the end of my work day; there was always more to be done. Work was always on my mind.

When my first son was born, I realized that I needed do to better. I didn’t want my work life to dominate my time and energy. But, at the same time, I still had a strong desire to do meaningful work.

These seemingly-opposing forces shouldn’t have to fight one another. I knew it was okay to have a thriving work life while also having an awesome personal life.

Get My Personal Productivity Systems (and so much more)

I have spent years figuring out solutions related to focus.

The systems, tools, and training you will have access to inside your Accelerator membership are the same ones I have developed, taught, and used in order to:

✓ Eliminate 90% of the busywork, urgency, and procrastination from my week.

✓ Help others get more breathing room in their schedule (even when it felt impossible to them).

✓ Allow everyone in my company to take off two months (paid) every year.

✓ Consistently plan out my year, my month, my week, and my day to do the things that I want to do.

✓ Organize my tasks and my time with minimum effort.

These are time-tested, proven ideas I use to keep all the areas of my life in harmony and thriving, despite the craziness that is naturally found in day-to-day life.

The material in the Focus Course has changed my life. It has changed the lives of so many others who have already taken it. And it can change your life, too.

I can’t recommend Shawn enough. He has proven strategies that give clear direction and actually work.

Amy SullivanAmy Sullivan, Founder of Sullivan Studio

Shawn’s writing on focus is well thought through and well crafted.

Cal NewportCal Newport, Author of Deep Work

Imagine If...

How would your day be different if you were more focused and in control?

✓ Eliminate more than half of the busywork, urgency, and procrastination that plagues your week.

✓ Get some breathing room in your schedule (even if it felt impossible).

✓ Allow yourself the chance to take time off and come back refreshed for a change.

✓ Have an easier, better way to plan your days in order to do the things that you want to do. (even if you hate productivity and aren’t naturally organized)

✓ Organize your tasks and your time with minimum effort.

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Focus Accelerator

Your Membership Benefits

1: All-Access Course Library

You get unlimited, on-demand access to every single course and product in our library. In addition, we host workshops on a regular basis with industry experts.

Full Course Library List →

2: Workshops & Events

Your membership serves as your ticket for our live events, workshops, meetups, and more. Just about every month we host a workshop; twice a year we put on our popular Focus Academy cohort; and each spring we host a live, in-person conference meetup in Kansas City. All of these are FREE for Accelerator Members to attend.

Learn More About the Events →

3: Coaching & Community

If you want, you can jump in with your own small mastermind group of like-minded leaders and creators just like you. You'll also get inside our private Slack community.

Moreover, if you're like me, then sometimes you just get stuck in your own way — you know the solution is easy, but it's foggy to you and you need someone to help you snap out of it. That's why we host regular office hours and coaching calls, so you can get hands on guidance from myself and the rest of the Focus Team.

How Coaching Works →

The Focus Accelerator gives you everything you need to:

  • Stay focused on what’s actually important — instead of letting goals and habits fall by the wayside

  • Move from overwhelmed and confused to intentional and in control

  • Create the margin you need to restore work/life balance — so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted

  • Get rid of the wasteful busywork that steals your attention from the stuff that matters

  • Bring the many areas of your life together once and for all (even the ones that feel at odds with one another)

All-Access Course Library

On-Demand, all-access pass to all our training — for a Fraction of the cost.

When I say everything I mean everything. You will get instant access to our entire library of courses, workshops, systems workbooks, tools, and more...

The Focus Course

$497  Included FREE in your membership

Build the foundation you need for living a focused life. You’ll learn how to do your best work without sacrificing anything between your work and personal life. This is the course that started it all and has changed thousands of lives.

The Margin Course

$397  Included FREE in your membership

Restore breathing room in your schedule. This course will take you through the 5-Day Margin Reset so you can stop living on the edge of burnout and reclaim your time.

Focus Academy Cohorts

$2,994  Pro tier: included in your membership

The Focus Academy is a LIVE 4-week class where I personally help you build a system for unlocking and maintaining clarity, focus, and time in your life. As a Focus Accelerator member, you’ll be able to join the Spring or Fall cohort (or both!) any time you’d like. This alone allows you to save hundreds of dollars by joining Focus Accelerator.

Time Management Masterclass

$247  FREE with your membership

Meet a time management system you can actually stick to. Whether you’re a “schedule person” or not, this masterclass will help you get control of how you spend your time every day.

Calm Inbox

$197  FREE with your membership

Get the recipe for less email and more focus. This video course gives you a simple system to organize your email and get back hours of your life every week.

Plan Your Year (Every Year)
$59 value

Creative Focus Summit Archives
$197 value

Sensemaking & PKM
with Nick Milo and Mike Schmtiz

Do Half
with Sarah K. Peck

Goal Setting in Notion
With Marie Poulin

Startup and Shutdown Routines
with David Sparks

And more...
New workshops added regularly

All the Things (Productivity Course)
$119 value

Time- Blocking & Tracking (minicourse)
$119 value

Productivity Power Hour workshop
$59 value

Personal Retreat Workshop & Handbook
$59 value

Simple Habits
$79 value

The 8-Week Work Cycle
with Shawn Blanc

In-Depth Training on Top Productivity Tools

To Obsidian and Beyond
$297  Included FREE in your membership.

Learn Ulysses
$197  Included FREE in your membership.

Learn GoodNotes
$79  Included FREE in your membership.

Mastering Mind Maps
$297  Included FREE in your membership.

All the Things
$119  Included FREE in your membership.

Notion for Goal Setting
Included FREE in your membership.

Introducing: Focus Pathways

Curated training. Exclusively for Accelerator Members.

  • Margin Reset

    Start to finish, everything you need to understand what breathing room is, why it matters, how to

  • Ultimate Time Management

    Complete access to all the tools, workshops, and templates you need for a complete schedule reset.

  • Idea Management & Creativity

    Finally get your ideas and creative work organized.

  • Productivity

    Task management should not be complicated. Discover how to prioritize, delegate, overcome procrastination, and more.

  • Habit Building

    Don't build backwards habits. We'll show you how to align your daily routines and habits with the areas of life that matter most, how to start new habits that actually stick.

  • Work Culture & Leadership

    Breathing room, focus, clarity... these are not luxury elements of a fancy workplace. They are the new norm. We'll take you behind the scenes with some of the ways we do things differently at Blanc Media.

Workshops & Events

  • Live Monthly Workshops

    Each month, you’ll get an invite to an exclusive members-only live training session.

    You’ll not only get the chance to dive deep on a specific focus-related topic, you’ll also have the chance to ask questions directly to myself, my team, and/or the special guest for the month.

  • Live Events

    Your membership also serves as your FREE ticket for our live events, workshops, meetups, and more — including our yearly in-person conference in Kansas City!

Coaching & Community

  • Your Mastermind Small Group

    If you want, we’ll pair you with a mastermind small group based on your background, goals, and timezone. You’ll have the option to join your group for weekly or bi-weekly calls.

  • Office Hours

    Live workshops won’t be your only chance to get direct feedback.

    My team and I also host a live office hours call every month — another opportunity for us to dive deep into any challenge you’re currently facing.

    This is your “fast pass” to getting unstuck, no matter what kind of mental block or schedule crunch you’re facing.

    The best part? You often end up learning just as much from other members’ questions as your own!

  • Get Hands-On Coaching from the Team Behind The Focus Accelerator

    Let’s be honest — even with top-quality training and community at your fingertips, maintaining peak focus is still a fight.

    There will be times when you’re feeling pushed. When you’re feeling stuck. When you’re feeling unsure of the right way to move forward.

    That’s where I come in.

    Every month, you’ll have multiple ways to get direct feedback and guidance from my team and me, plus a rotating cast of some of the top focus and productivity experts alive today.

  • Private Slack Community

    Imagine an entire community of growth-minded leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators you can tap into at a moment’s notice.

    Whether you want to ask a question, share a win, or compare techniques, you’ll feel like you finally found your people.

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30-Day Money back guarantee

Satisfaction & Money-Back Guarantee

30 Days. No Questions Asked.

We want your investment in Focus Accelerator to be an easy decision that is exciting and free of risk or fear. We know it can be scary to jump in to something like this without being positive of your end results.

If you jump in and realize that the Accelerator is not for you, then let us know within 30 days and we will gladly give you a full refund for that initial month.

Otherwise, you are free to cancel your membership at anytime. We don't have any minimum commitments.

It’s zero risk on your part.

How it Works

1. Join Accelerator today.

2. Get instant access to all the benefits.

3. Our Concierge team will connect with you to help you get settled in.

4. Enjoy the benefits of focus and community in your life.

Yes! I want to join Focus Accelerator.

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Focus Accelerator

$99 / month

  • Entire Course Library
  • Exclusive: Focus Pathways
  • Monthly Workshops and Coaching
  • Mastermind Small Groups
  • Private Slack Community
  • Focus Academy
  • In-Person Conference

30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee
Cancel Anytime

As a reminder: If there is a course that we offer, you get access to it. If there is a workshop we are putting on, you get to come. If there is a new course we create, you get it automatically. If there is a new product we create, it’s yours. If we are putting on an event, you get priority registration.

Questions? Just email us:

Join a community of people who have the power of a focused life...

I have read my share of productivity books, blogs, and hacks, but nothing I have read comes close to your work in terms of helpfulness, depth, and significance.

Tracy Banks Tracy B., Attorney & Law School Professor

The Focus Course forced me to finally beat the resistance and do the work. The result is that I learned so much more because I actually did the work and tasted the fruit that so many productivity books talk about. And this was huge for me. In all of the reading I’ve done, the Focus Course had something new and original that was very beneficial.

Tyler SoenenTyler Soenen, Engineer & Project Manager

The Course is perfect and really does what it promises: it helps you focus. It’s the perfect kind of words and the structure is great.

Florian T.Florian Taltavull, Student & Writer

I’m a big fan of intentional and measured progress and Shawn's training delivers on that in spades.

Mike Vardy Mike Vardy, Writer, Productivity Strategist, & Founder of Productivityist

Shawn’s course helps you figure out where you want to go and how to get there. If you’re feeling adrift or just want to help get yourself more focussed, check it out.

David SparksDavid Sparks, Business attorney, podcaster, blogger, & author

The mix of inspiration, learning, and simple practicals throughout the material made it so enjoyable.

Elana SchmelzleElana Marlow

I'm loving this course! I hesitated before purchasing because I wasn't sure I wanted to dole out that much money right after the holidays. However, I looked at my life as it is and where I want to go and knew that I needed change — and not just another book or random habit to make (or break). In the end The Focus Course was a no-brainer, and I'm so happy I took the leap!

The course is so practical and stimulating. It has bled into almost every area of my life and has caused me to think, not only about what I do, but how and why I do it. I love that it is so holistic, as well — just as much about "who" we are as it is "what" we do. So, thank you!

Sara Perry, Focus Course Member

The Focus Course helped me create a manageable plan of action that worked with my work and lifestyle that I could easily implement.

Christopher Wilson Christopher Wilson, English Teacher in Poland

The content here has been way above my expectations. Your Cours is having what I feel is a profound impact on all aspects of my life. Thank you.

Tom Hutchinson Tom Hutchinson, Focus Course Member

Questions & Answers

Is Focus Accelerator really risk free?

Yes — I want this to be an easy decision for you.

Since it can be scary to commit to something without being positive of your end results, I’m glad to offer a full refund to anyone who doesn't get value during the first 30 days of membership.

If you join Accelerator, engage with the material and community, and give it an honest effort...but you find that it wasn't worth your investment or you don't see the benefits you were looking for...then just let us know within 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

It’s zero risk on your part!

How do the small group masterminds work?

Approximately every 8 weeks a new round of short-term masterminds begin. When we open up the mastermind groups, you’ll be invited to join a new group if you want. These run for 6 weeks, pause, and then start over again. (You will also have the opportunity to join a long term group that runs for 6 months.)

Moreover, each month we host office hours, workshops, and other types of online meetups. We communicate via Slack and email to let you know the upcoming schedule for anything you want to join in live, or just grab the replay of.

How is this different from The Focus Course

The Focus Course is a standalone resource. You can get lifetime access to it for $497.

The Accelerator membership gives you access to The Focus Course + every other course, workshop, and event we have — all for just $99 per month.

Plus, you also get accountability and support from your small group mastermind, the private Slack community, and live coaching from my team and me every month.

What happens when I join?

Right off the bat, your new membership will give you instant access to every course we offer on The Focus Course website as well as The Sweet Setup.

You’ll also get an invitation to join our private Slack community, where you are welcome to join and say hello if you like. The Slack group is home to all sorts of dialog around things such as entrepreneurship, family life, reading, nerdy pen suggestions, BBQ recipes, and more.

Is the membership right for me?

If ANY of these are true, than The Accelerator Membership is perfect for you:

✓ You want to join us for any future workshops that we do (or get automatic access to the replays).

✓ You want to jump in for some of the Pro Workshop sessions during our spring and fall Academy cohorts, without doing all of Focus Academy again.

✓ You want to go through Academy once a year.

✓ You want to be part of a weekly or bi-weekly small group call (the Zoom Masterminds)

✓ You want access to any of the courses that we’ve made on the Focus Course site and/or The Sweet Setup.

Each one of the big pillars of Accelerator (course library, monthly workshops and masterminds, Academy cohort, in-person conference) is alone worth your membership to the Accelerator. But if you participate in anything else within Accelerator then you are getting even more value from your membership!

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This course has changed my life. I have an independent job, big family, friends and a brain who always wants to do new things. It was a mess of unfinished projects. Now I have a prescription of rest of my life with my 6 life goals.

Kjell Anker WorrenKjell Anker Worren, Focus Course Member

Shawn, and his Focus Course, helped me get back to center. Which can be quite a challenge to find in the massive jungle that is the mess of our modern lives. It helped me define what was important and why — and how to execute on those things.