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Plan Your Year

For better or worse, don't repeat 2023.

✓ A guided workbook to review and celebrate 2023

✓ Annual goal-setting that's fun, delightful, and easy to approach

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 6,102 Happy and focused goal setters since 2018

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What is a Successful Year, Really?

If you get up in the morning and get to bed at night, and in-between do what you want to do then you are a success.

True wealth and success is the freedom to give your time and energy to the things of life which matter.

My hope for you this year, dear friend, is that it would be a successful one.

May you get out of bed on January 1 and get to bed on December 31, and in-between do what you want to do.

What is at Stake for 2024?

While there is still much uncertainty going into this new year, one thing is for sure: don't let 2024 happen TO you. Instead, get clear on what is most important to you and do what you can to move forward.

If you had a challenging past year, the best thing you can do is take ownership to move on.

If you’ve had a good year, then you should keep building on it. If you are simply coasting then it means you are either going downhill or you are using up the last of your previous momentum.

However, clarity on your goals can be tricky...

The Problem With Resolutions

That clever list of New Year’s Resolutions is worth about as much as the paper it’s written on. Resolutions, in and of themselves, won’t get you very far.

The problem with resolutions is that they often serve as a False First Step. By writing down your list of resolutions, it can feel as if you’ve completed them as well. Because the “hunger” for change so often gets appeased merely through creating the list of resolutions, many people stop there.

It is better to have one goal that you take action on than it is to have a dozen resolutions that you ignore after a few days.

And so, yes, it’s important to have your list of goals and resolutions for the year. But, dear reader, that is only the beginning.

Shawn Blanc

How I’ve Planned My Year, Every Year

Hello. My name is Shawn and I am honored at the opportunity to help you plan your year.

Every January my wife and I take an evening or two and we map out our upcoming year.

We usually pour some wine and begin by listing out our upcoming year’s important events, milestones, and any goals we have or other things we want to do.

We will then go through that list and decide when we think those things should happen and what we’re going to do to help make them a reality.

We’ve been doing this for over a decade, and it always proves to be a highlight. It has a positive impact and helps us ensure that we will have a successful year for ourselves and also for our family.

Plus! It's a lot of fun. The process facilitates great conversation and helps us get on the same page about our upcoming year.

The Blanc Family

Shawn & Anna. Kansas City.

* * *

I have put together the Plan Your Year workbook so you can create joy, clarity, and memories as well. Plan Your Year is a simple and fun approach to something that most folks usually dread or avoid. The popular workbook (and accompanying videos) will walk you through the exact same year-planning process that my wife, Anna, and I go through every year.

Thousands of folks have been through the Plan Your Year workbook over the years since we first began offering it in 2018. And I’d love for you to be able to go through this very same process!

(And you don’t have to be married or have a family — this is something that works for anyone and everyone.)

BONUS: Clear Action Planner

Level Up Your Tasks and Time

Stay focused, save time, and accomplish your goals in 2024.

Freshly updated for 2024 is our popular, digital planner.

If you're not regularly accomplishing your goals, it's because you lack a simple system of task and time management. Good news, I've solved that for you...

After years of study, teaching, and research, I have identified the most important components to living with focus every day. And I built it in to my digital planner for iPad.

This is a complete, year-long planner that pairs perfectly with Plan Your Year so that your GOALS and PLANS actually get DONE. Boom!

Features of the Digital Planner

  • The exact system I personally use every day to stay focused.
  • Daily habit trackers.
  • Calendar views for the years, months, and weeks.
  • Goal-setting sections for planning your year, months, and weeks.
  • Weekly and monthly review prompts.
  • Daily planner pages for focusing on your daily tasks and managing your time.
  • Blank notes section for ideation, doodling, mind mapping, meeting notes, etc.
  • 700+ individually numbered pages for fast reference and indexing.
  • Over 6,000 internal document links to help you quickly navigate throughout the planner.
  • Works perfectly with the iPad and Apple Pencil.
  • Skip past or ignore any sections you don’t use.
  • Export pages into other apps such as Bear, Day One, Ulysses etc.
  • Monday- and Sunday-start options; as well as landscape and portrait orientations.

The Digital Planner is used by 6,000 focused professionals to help them stay on track with their goals and manage their time. We're offering it at a discounted bundle upgrade option, or you get it for FREE included with your membership to the Focus Accelerator community.

Get your copy of the Clear Action Planner at a discount as part of the bundle option.

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As we went through the workbook together, I loved hearing from my husband’s point of view. This was a chance for us to get clarity about the upcoming year.

Also, thanks to the workbook, I felt free to let go of certain ideas and expectations. I will definitely be doing this again next year.

Hollie G.

Plan Your Year helped me tremendously in getting me to clarify what I wanted out of the upcoming year. In the past I’ve always tried to do everything and that usually leads to me doing nothing, so I’m glad to have gone through the steps of getting clarity.

Sam D.

Plan Your Year

Your Secret Weapon for 2024

Remove the stress, confusion, and overwhelming process of trying to figure out what matters for the next year.

Plan Your Year is a fun, simple, and guided workbook that will help you get prepared and be intentional for the upcoming year ... with joy and clarity! ♥️

  1. Get a clear list of your goals and desired outcomes for the upcoming year.
  2. Set a theme for your year.
  3. Get prepared for what is coming and what can be known — events, financial commitments, etc.
  4. Look at the goals and desired outcomes you have, and the known events, for every area of your life.
  5. Take steps toward establishing new and healthy routines.
  6. Find out if there are things you need to cut out from your day-to-day life to make room for things that are more important.
  7. Find out where you can reclaim margin and breathing room in your life.

This year, you deserve to be free to focus on the areas of life that matter most to you.

This workbook will help you identify those areas of life that matter, focus on them, and prepare for success.

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What an Unfocused Year Looks Like

How to spot someone who is focused versus someone who is not.

Something I teach about in my flagship product, The Focus Course, is that when you’re over toward the left on the “un-focused” side of things, you don't feel in control. It's stressful. You don't feel like there is any breathing room. And you're so frequently responding to the urgent issues of others that you lack any clear plan forward.

However, when you are on the “focused” side, you are very much in control. You have clear goals and you have the time and energy you need to meet those goals. You are far less stressed and anxious than your reactive counterpart. You're thriving.

Consider how liberating it will this year to have clarity about your goals along with the breathing room you need to focus on them.

Start Planning Your Year

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked

That gives you plenty of time to go through the entire workbook. If you find that it just didn't work for you, then I am happy to refund your entire purchase with no questions asked.

It’s zero risk on your part.

How it Works

It's quite easy...

1. Purchase the workbook (a digital PDF).

2. Print it out or open it up on your computer / iPad.

3. Pour a beverage of your choice.

4. Spend an evening going through the worksheets while watching the videos.

5. Enjoy the benefits of clarity in your upcoming year.

Yes! I want Plan Your Year, 2024 Edition.

Special Bundle Pricing: Save 30% when you get the new planner and the workbook.

Plan Your Year



  • The Workbook
  • Live Workshop ($99)
  • Walkthrough videos for each section

Workbook + Planner

$157   $49

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  • Plan Your Year Workbook
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Community Membership

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60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

Questions? Just email us:

I LOVED the conversation the workbook facilitated! The question prompts were very helpful as my husband and I brainstormed our projects and goals.

We really loved this workbook. I'm thinking about filling out another set of worksheets to specifically focus on work so I can break down all of my business goals and projects next year.

Nicole R.

With the new year approaching, I wanted to think about my priorities for the year. I like the way everything is divided into simple steps, and the outcome of several steps is brought together in later sections. This is a very effective way of working.

Clair A.

Questions & Answers

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a guarantee. I am quite confident that the contents and value of the workbook are well worth the small investment. This is quite visible in the thousands of our customers who have purchased the PYY workbook year after year since 2018.

If, however, you’re not delighted with your purchase, just email us before January 31 and we’ll be happy to give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Who is this workbook for?

Plan Your Year is for anyone who wants to spend the new year doing what they want. It's a chance to get a birds-eye view of your upcoming year, list out your goals, and make sure it all aligns with your own values. Also, it's a chance to find out what you have capacity for in 2024 -- don't bite off more than you can chew. Instead, focus on the most essential things and set yourself up to succeed in those areas.

How does Plan Your Year work?

You will get instant access to the PDF Workbook and the bonus instructional videos. You can then download the workbook and either print it out or just go through it on your computer or iPad any time between now and December 31, 2024.

You can complete the workbook over the course of a leisurely evening or over the combo of a few meals. Some people do it in one sitting, while others choose to split it up.

If you'd like to go through a live-online workshop to do the Plan Your Year workbook, then join us for the Live PYY Workshop that will be hosted by Shawn Blanc and team.

Can my spouse and I do Plan Your Year together?

Absolutely. I encourage you to go through it together. Just print off as many copies of the PDF as you need for your immediate family.

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