The Power of a Focused Life

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You Can Do This

Bring your life into focus. Make real progress on your goals.

Your best work, your best ideas, and your best relationships are all still ahead of you.

It's time to find the clarity and momentum you need. Set yourself up to do your best creative work.

Here's how The Focus Course can serve you right now:

Start small and simple: Each day is a fun and simple task that builds on the previous. It all flows together as something which has been meticulously and intentionally designed to lead you along the easiest and most impactful path.

Learn by doing: Discover a ton of theory that's surrounded by action.

Move at your own pace: You get lifetime access to the course, plus the website keeps track of your progress for you. Start when you're ready and move through at your own pace. No deadlines. No pressure.

Bring your life into focus: You'll discover your life's vision and the most important roles and responsibilities you have.

Get traction on your goals: Through the course you'll discover simple things you can do each day that not only increase overall quality of life, but which also move you forward in accomplishing your goals.

A Proven System for Getting Clarity and Traction

The way the Focus Course works is that each day there is a small action item — a simple (though not always easy) assignment. You can read your way through the course, watch the teaching videos, or both.

Through each day's actions, you'll take the wisdom from the course and apply in your everyday life. This is critical because, as you know, knowledge alone is not enough to create lasting change.

It is this action-centric approach that sets The Focus Course apart. By taking the course, you'll get real clarity about what actually works best for you.

Aren't you tired of passively reading productivity and creativity articles on the internet while not actually seeing any real change in your life?

Right now is the ideal time to start The Focus Course

This is the secret weapon you need right now. It is the most simple and straightforward tool out there for helping you find clarity, pushing through that feeling of overwhelm, and gaining traction in those areas of life where you so desperately need it.

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I have read my share of productivity books, blogs, and hacks, but nothing I have read comes close to your work in terms of helpfulness, depth, and significance.

Tracy B. Tracy B., Attorney & Law School Professor

Without any hyperbole, I can honestly say that taking the Focus Course has been life changing.

Just as I realized that I needed to rebalance things, I got the opportunity to take The Focus Course. It couldn't have come at a better time, and I couldn't be happier with the results it produced in my life.

The Focus Course has gotten me to look closer at the full scope of my life and where I want to spend my time and effort more than any other course or book has before.

Brian W. Brian Y., Focus Course Member

Stop Spinning Your Wheels

You have so many things you want to do, but you're not sure where to start or even how to start. You've been spinning your wheels for so long, you're not sure how to gain traction at this point.

What you need is clarity and motivation.

You're trying to create more meaningful work. Trying to gain traction. Trying to break through that weight of overwhelm. You need help — something, anything — to pull you out and get you back on track.

You have more ideas than time, which makes managing your priorities a consistent challenge. And, on top of that, your day-to-day responsibilities have you mostly doing work that is urgent, and you rarely, if ever, get do work that is important and satisfying. It feels as if you've lost your bearings. And so you find yourself checking email and social media far more often than you want to. And meanwhile, that awesome project and those brilliant ideas are starting to collect dust.

To be honest, you feel stuck.

But you're here because you're serious about getting un-stuck.

The Focus Course Can Help

It's like a Couch to 5k program, but for your whole life. It's fun. It's simple (but not easy). It's straightforward. And it will help you get on track.

Unfortunately, most of us aren't surrounded by energetic, highly-focused, successful individuals who can set an example for us. Instead, our classrooms, workplaces, and neighborhoods are filled with folks who are unable to achieve their long-term goals and do their best creative work because they are too distracted and sucked in by the draw of the ephemeral.

It's silly to think we have a better chance of achieving our goals while living like most people who will never achieve theirs.

It's time to get a clear head amidst the craziness…

Start The Focus Course | $347

You'll get lifetime access to the material and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Join well over a thousand folks just like you, who have brought their life into focus.

Through The Focus Course, I began to see that focus is about more than just fancy software — it's a mindset. Before this course I knew nothing about that mindset, but having gone through it I feel like I have the tools to continue working toward achieving the focus I want in every part of my life.

Shawn's ability to combine deep introspection with applicable exercises is brilliant. This course will re-route your vision, give you direction, and encourage you along the way.

“If I have to memorize one more life hack that will make me 9x more productive by doing this one weird trick for just 7 seconds each day, I'm going to throw my artisanal to-do list app out the window.”

Living without regret in the Age of Distraction

Your artisanal to-do list app is not the problem. Well, maybe.

You can get a clear head amidst the craziness. You can thrive in the midst of the tensions of life. But the answer is not in a methodology, system, or app.

To spend your time creating meaningful work goes far beyond white-knuckle focus or ripping your internet cable out of the wall.

You don't have to solve the tensions of life before you can create something of value. Meaningful productivity means consistently giving your time and attention to the things which are most important.

You can do work that matters, build momentum in your personal integrity, establish habits that stick, bring a healthy balance between your work and personal life, and re-define what you think of when you say productivity. Learn about your own lifestyle, the way you work, what your values are, and more.

My Story

Hi. My name is Shawn Blanc. For more than a decade, I have been teaching and learning about diligence and focus. I've spoken about these topics at conferences, taught them to my design team during my time as a creative director, and now that I work from home running a small network of websites, I continue to implement them in my own life. I also write about creativity, focus, and risk to an audience of thousands every day.

I've spent years figuring out my own solutions to these problems: examining my own habits, studying many other solutions, and rigorously testing different approaches over and over again.

At the end of the day, it's all about giving our time and energy to the things which are meaningful. I want a lifestyle that is conducive to doing my best creative work without sacrificing a healthy work/life balance to get there.

Living with diligence and focus is not a personality type — it's a skill you can learn.

Creating The Focus Course has changed my life. Those who have taken it tell me it changed their lives. And it can change your life if you let it.

I've loved the combination of "types" of assignments. Practical, creative, encouraging, internal, etc. Most assignments I've been able to put into practice within my daily routine. This course has been so impactful, encouraging, and freeing to me.

This course forced me to beat the resistance and do the work. The result is that I learned so much more because I actually did the work and tasted the fruit that so many productivity books talk about. And this was huge for me. In all of the reading I've done, the The Focus Course had something new and original that was very beneficial to my life.

The Focus Course

A guided, online course that will change your life

The Focus Course is all about doing your best creative work without sacrificing the balance between your work and personal life.

It's a 40-day, action-centric class where you learn about the foundational components of a focused life (vision, goals, action plans, lifestyle practices, and time management) as well as the granular, practical, and actionable elements of diligence, focus, work/life balance, gaining traction in your business or side project, creating meaningful work, and more.

In the Focus Course we'll seek to re-define what we think of when we say “productivity” and “meaningful work.” We'll build momentum in your personal integrity, learn to establish habits that empower you to do meaningful work and build meaningful relationships, help bring a healthy understanding of what work/life balance means, learn about your own lifestyle and the way you work and what your values are, and more.

Topics include diligence, focus, life vision, time management, habits, dealing with overwhelm, getting things done, finding proper tools, overcoming analysis paralysis, fixing your workflows, the tyranny of the urgent, simplifying, thriving in the midst of a distraction-prone work/life environment, the act of balancing work and personal life, doing your best creative work, strengthening your creative imagination, building deep personal integrity, and more. Whew!

The Focus Course is about more than just head knowledge — it's an introduction to experiential knowledge.

A ton of theory surrounded by even more action

Meaningful productivity is the fruit of vision and values. No calendar app or task-management app is going to help you establish the right foundation. If you want to stop spinning your wheels; if you're tired of ending the day feeling like you didn't actually get anything done; if you want to create work that matters; if you want to keep your work and personal life in balance… then you have to ask yourself some hard questions. You have to make changes.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” — Herbert Spencer

“The greatest wisdom not applied to action and behavior is meaningless data.” — Peter Drucker

In addition to learning, each day there is a small action item — a simple (though not always easy) assignment. Through each day's action, you'll take the wisdom from the course and apply it in a practical way to the action and behavior in your everyday life. Learn by doing. Knowledge alone is not always enough to create lasting change.

This is one thing that sets The Focus Course apart from every other productivity, life hack, or self-help book. By taking the course, you'll get real clarity about what actually works best for you.

40 days, 5 modules

Each module centers around a specific theme. Each day you'll be given a fun and simple task to complete along with a teaching lesson about the value, relevancy, and practicality of that day's task. You can read your way through the course, watch the teaching videos, or both.

The days and modules build on themselves. The Focus Course has been meticulously and intentionally designed to lead you along the easiest and most impactful path. It starts out simple and fun and culminates in profound change and understanding.

The Course

  • 1

    Module One: Foundations

    Days 1-7 focus on personal integrity, creative imagination, progress, reducing distractions, building social support, generosity, and simplifying.

  • 2

    Module Two: Honesty

    Days 8-17 focus on who you are and what's important to you; roles, values, vision, legacy, short- and long-term goals, and how to realistically move toward them.

  • 3

    Module Three: Clarity

    Days 18-28 focus on how you're currently spending your time and energy, what your potential is, and how to apply change and begin making progress.

  • 4

    Module Four: Action (and Resistance)

    Days 29-34 focus on the most common areas of resistance and how to overcome them.

  • 5

    Module Five: Meaning

    Days 35-40 focus on joy, fear, meaningful work, finding flow, margin for thought, and community.

  • 6

    Day 41: Conclusion

    This wrap-up day will help you take your new ideas, understanding, and life changes and maintain them for the long-run. I also share advice on how to stay motivated and keep making forward progress after the course is over, and doing work that matters.


  • *

    47 teaching videos that accompany every single day of the course and every Module introduction.

  • *

    23 bonus videos and articles where I answer the most common questions and struggles related to focus, time management, work/life balance, and doing meaningful work. Such as: How to pick the right task when there are so many great ideas, how to stop managing your tasks and start doing them, dealing with distractions, building deep personal integrity, and more...

  • *

    Members-only discussion forum for asking questions and sharing ideas, breakthroughs, stories, etc.

  • *

    Downloads: HD videos, PDF Workbooks, goal-setting worksheets, time-management worksheets, the Habit Tracker, and more...

  • *

    Lifetime access: start when you're ready, take your time, and feel free to do it again in a year or two from now.

  • *

    Do the course at your own pace and track your progress on the website, or download the 273-page PDF workbook and read the course on your iPad, computer, or print it out.


Start The Focus Course now to bring your life into focus.

What Others Are Saying

Over 1,200 amazing people have signed up to take The Focus Course. Every person who has been through the course and provided feedback has said that The Focus Course had a positive impact on them, that they learned about the things they were wanting to learn about, and they saw positive change in the areas they were looking to improve.

I loved it! I highly recommend the Focus Course to anyone who wants to reframe their thinking and habits to line up with their values. The mix of inspiration, learning, and simple practicals throughout the material made it so enjoyable. Thanks Shawn!

I was baffled by the simplicity. I genuinely love the fact that you make it easy for us, that you start slowly, with a simple thing.

Pierre, Focus Course Member

The Course is perfect and really does what it promises: it helps you focus. It's the perfect kind of words and the structure is great.

I just want to say that the Focus Course has been fantastic so far. It's clear that you've put a ton of time and effort into researching and writing.

Brian Hamilton Brian Hamilton, Student

I just want to say thanks for this course. It just keeps getting better and better. I keep thinking to myself that I'm going to do it again.

Steven Schulze Steven Schulze, Focus Course Member

The Focus Course helped me create a manageable plan of action that worked with my work and lifestyle that I could easily implement.

I work in a knowledge business and poor time management is the single greatest cost I have. Nothing else in my company costs me more profit than that. We started implementing the ideas from your newsletter and putting them into a weekly email to our staff. After only a month we have already seen measurable, increased productivity from our staff!

Andrew C. Andrew C., CPA, CFO

I'm a big fan of intentional and measured progress and The Focus Course delivers on that in spades. As someone who prides themselves on focused productivity and fostering routines that can lead to a more intentional life, I can honestly say that what Shawn has put together was a huge help to me as I continue to experience growth and evolution in my work and home life. The Focus Course galvanized and revitalized me. I know it will do the same for you.

Mike Vardy Mike Vardy, Writer, Productivity Strategist, & Founder of Productivityist

All too often, people approach creativity in a hazy, lazy, almost mystical way. Not so Shawn Blanc. He takes a clear-eyed, sober look at how our choices affect our creativityā€¯and much more. He also happens to be a very inspiring example of someone who's invested everything in his writing, and succeeded.

John Moore Williams John Moore Williams, Director of Content Strategy @InVisionApp.

I just wanted to add how much I am enjoying the course. The content has been way above my expectations. It is something I look forward to every day and is starting to have what I feel is a profound impact on all aspects of my life. Thank you.

Tom Hutchinson Tom Hutchinson, Focus Course Member

To me, the Focus Course is an excellent toolbox filled with questions that guide and direct me to what I find important in life. It provides guidance on how to move the needle forward in the different areas of life. It has been awesome doing it.

The Focus Course has been an awesome experience. I look forward to each day. The balance between the big picture theory and experiential assignments is perfect: they have just enough substance to move me forward yet not so daunting as to discourage me from finishing. I also enjoyed how you "humanized" the content by sharing your own thoughts, goals, struggles, and ideas with us.

Kate Wai Kate Wai, Focus Course Member

I've been really pleased to see Shawn writing about more productivity focussed subjects. I've started going through the [Focus Course] materials and they are good. If you're feeling adrift or just want to help get yourself more focussed, check this out.

David Sparks David Sparks, Business attorney & host of the Mac Power Users Podcast

Common Questions

60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

I have spent thousands of hours writing, researching, and architecting the content of this course. I've poured myself into building something that is professional, delightful, informative, fun, unique, and, most of all, very impactful. I am confident that the contents and value of the course are well worth the investment.

If, however, you're not delighted with your purchase, just email me within 60 days of your purchase and I'll be happy to give you a full refund. No questions asked (though hopefully you'll be willing to share with me what you didn't like about it so I can make improvements).

Do you offer group rates?

Yes. For groups, The Focus Course has an admin dashboard where you can manage your group access codes and see who has registered using your code and track their progress through the course. This is ideal for companies and offices that want their staff to go through the productivity training, as well as schools, churches, or any other group that wants to go through the course together.

If you have a group larger than 25, note that discounted pricing is available. Please email me for information about pricing and sign-up.

Can my spouse and I take the course together?

Absolutely. I encourage you to take it together. Note that the way the website is built, you will have a single unique username and password, and your progress through the course will be tied to that username. If you and your spouse both go through at the exact same pace this is fine. But if you go through at individual paces, only one of you will be able to keep your lesson progress marked on the site — the other will have to remember where he/she is at.

If you and your spouse want to each have your own unique login to the website, then it's an additional $99 for the other login. Please email me for the details about discounted spouse pricing.

Who is the course for?

The Focus Course is for anyone who wants to increase productivity, personal integrity, morale, and overall quality of life. What sets the course apart is that it guides you in the implementation of these principles so that these topics go beyond mere head knowledge and into experiential knowledge.

There are many ideas and principles taught during the course, and they all tie together. This course will help you form an holistic picture of work/life balance, meaningful productivity, and doing work that matters.

This course has been taken by project mangers, photographers, engineers, small business owners, designers, developers, mom, dads, office assistants, and more.

The average satisfaction rating from those who've completed the course is 4.6 out of 5 stars with 100% of them saying that The Focus Course had a positive impact and that they learned about the things they were wanting to learn about and they saw change in the areas they were hoping.

Do you offer student discounts?

Yes, the student price is $175. To apply, please send me an email with information about where you're currently attending school.

How does the course work?

The Focus Course is 'open enrollment'. You can start anytime you want and go at any pace you like. You'll want to set aside 15-30 minutes for each day.

Some will do the course straight through in 40 days, others may do one "day" each week. Or whatever. If you only want to do lessons on weekdays? Cool! Need to take a vacation just as you're completing Module Two? No problem! The website keeps track of which days you have completed, and you can easily see your progress on the Table of Contents page.

And since you have lifetime access to the course, there is no rush to complete it (or even start it) until you're ready.

Here's a brief video walkthrough of the website.

Shawn Blanc

About the author

Hi. I'm Shawn Blanc. I live in Kansas City with my wife Anna, and our three sons: Noah, Giovanni, and Benson. I am a self-employed writer and entrepreneur who works from my home office publishing a humble network of websites, books, and courses that focus on helping you do your best creative work.


Start The Focus Course now to bring your life into focus.

Let me just say, bravo! I'm loving this course — your content is simple yet profoundly powerful.

Havilah C. Havilah C., Author, Speaker, & Mom

The course has paid for itself several times over. Not only in the books I don't have to wade through to glean a nugget of wisdom, but in the time you're taking to do so making the course. Awesome stuff.