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Jeff Sheldon on Story-Based Selling (Summit Preview Video)

On Monday, we begin the Creative Focus Online Summit.

All this week, in our countdown to the Summit, we’ve been posting a teaser video every day. Here’s what we’ve shared so far:

Monday: Claire Lew on Quality and Patience
Tuesday: Josh Kaufman on the 5 Essentials of Business
Wednesday: Jocelyn K. Glei on her Stop Doing List
Thursday: Todd Henry on the Importance of Creative Constraints

Today preview is from my conversation with Jeff Sheldon.

Here, Jeff and I talk about building a business that is small on purpose, creating products that you want to exist in the world, and then selling them to people via storytelling.

In our complete conversation during the upcoming Summit, Jeff and I will discuss the challenges of building your own small business, how to cure perfectionism, balancing your time and focus as a creative entrepreneur, how to build an audience, and how to stay productive.

You can get access to the Summit for free when you register here. And don’t forget: there’s no travel required. 👍

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