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Josh Kaufman on the 5 Essentials of Business (Summit Preview Video)

We recently hosted the Creative Focus Online Summit, and have been posting teaser videos from the main sessions.

Yesterday we posted a video with Claire Lew on Quality and Patience.

Today’s segment is from my conversation with Josh Kaufman.

Here, Josh shares about the five essential parts of every business: Value Creation, Marketing, Sales, Value Delivery, and Finance.

In the full-session from the Summit, Josh and I discuss:

  • The importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • The 5 essential components of any business.
  • How to make decisions in the midst of overwhelm.
  • The importance of systemization and automation.
  • Why action brings clarity.

Also, Josh shares his strategy for creating a personal masterplan, as well as revealing his single most-important productivity practice.

You can get lifetime access to all the sessions right here. And no travel required. Just sign up and enjoy.

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