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Claire Lew on Quality and Patience (Summit Preview Video)

In just a few days we’ll be kicking off the Creative Focus Online Summit.

In a countdown to the Summit, we’re posting a teaser video every day this week.

Today’s preview is from my talk with Claire Lew. Here, Claire gives some excellent advice about how patience is critical for those with a focus on quality and the long-game.

“If you want to do anything well, it can’t all happen at the same time.”

In the full-session that we’ll be posting next week, Claire and I will discuss the difference between vision, values, and mission; what to do with new ideas; and Clair will also be giving advice to young entrepreneurs as well as seasoned-yet-overwhelmed entrepreneurs.

You can get access to all the sessions for free when you register. And no travel required. Just sign up and enjoy.

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