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Focus As An Action

Focus as an action results in clarity. If you actually want to make progress, start small. You’ll be surprised how quickly those small successes start to build into a snowball of momentum. Something that I keep coming back to is that focus is an action. But we often think that focus is only something that

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Margin is Essential for Living a Focused Life

Our emotional and mental state is at its limit and the onslaught shows no sign of slowing or any regard for our capacity. The never ending bombardment of social invitations, task lists, birthday party’s, charity opportunities, friend requests, service updates, errands. Breathing room is a necessity, not a luxury.

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How to Avoid Backwards Habits

Amateurs keep their options open. They say yes to everything. They have no boundaries. They are overwhelmed by the urgent and buried under a million random acts of focus. Professionals and top-performers are focused; they design their habits in order to accomplish their goals.

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Tomorrow’s Outfit (My #1 Productivity Advice)

In our previous article, I shared what most focus advice gets wrong and the importance of both the WHY and the HOW behind living a focused life. The WHY are things like your purpose, your priorities, your goals and desired outcomes. The HOW are things like your habits, routines, strategy, and other actions. And you

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