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Academy Alumni: How Alexandra stopped being “A Walking To-Do List”

“I was a walking to-do list.”

When I asked Alexandra what was different for her, that’s what she started with.

“I was always trying to fit something in …. always trying to get more things done …. I never felt comfortable taking a moment to settle. I never had a moment to rest. And it was very dissatisfying.

“On Saturday mornings I would sit with my coffee. And for that hour it’s so nice and restful. And I wished I could get that same feeling in the other days of the week also.”

Alexandra was one of the pilot members for Focus Course Academy earlier this year.

After the program, I spoke with Alexandra to ask about her experiences and takeaways … as well as who she thinks Academy is for.

The above conversation will not only give you an idea for if Academy will be a good fit for you… but also you can get a look at what changes and decisions Alexandra was able to make that brought some calm, focus, and breathing room back into her busy schedule.

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