The Focus Course

How to Avoid Backwards Habits

It’s awesome when you are not the smartest person in the room.

My friend, Sarah K. Peck, hosted a workshop for the pilot of the new Focus Course Academy, and it was absolutely amazing.

Sarah’s workshop was called “Do Half” … and let me just say that, based on the feedback I got, Sarah’s workshop was the highlight for most of the people from the whole of academy.

In her presentation, Sarah taught that “productive” is not a strategy.

Strategy requires focus. Focus requires decisions

Simply “being productive” does not count as having a focused strategy.

Strategy means making a decision.

You have to decide what you will focus on (and why).

AND… you have to measure your results and progress to see if your strategy is getting you to where you want to go.

The challenge I face with making strategy-based decisions is that it means saying no to 1,000 other things.

I don’t like to make decisions; I want options!

Amateurs keep their options open.

They say yes to everything.

They have no boundaries.

They are overwhelmed by the urgent and buried under a million random acts of focus.

On the other hand…

Professionals and top-performers are focused.

And they design their habits in order to accomplish their goals.

If you start with habits, you’re building it backwards.

Your habits should not be random…

Your habits need to be an intentional part of the bigger picture of your life.

. . . . .

In Focus Course Academy, I will take you through each of the 5 Components of a Focused Life:

Vision → Goals → Strategy → Schedule → Habits

We will spend time on each of these components. Going deep, and making progress. Tying them all togteher.

And you discover why this framework can help you identify where the REAL issues are and exactly what to do about them.

This will get you off the random focus hamster wheel. And help ensure that YOUR habits support YOUR goals… And It. Is. Liberating.

. . . . . .

“Just as I realized that I needed to rebalance things, I got the opportunity to take The Focus Course. It couldn’t have come at a better time, and I couldn’t be happier with the results it produced in my life.” –– John Voorhees, writer and editor at MacStories

“I loved it! I highly recommend the Focus Course to anyone who wants to reframe their thinking and habits to line up with their values. The mix of inspiration, learning, and simple practicals throughout the material made it so enjoyable.” — Elana M., Health Coach

. . . . . .

Pretty soon, I will be leading a group of folks through this material. I hope you will be joining us!

You can find the full schedule, curriculum, and details here.


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