The Focus Course

Half-Price Access to the Time Management Course

For anyone and everyone who is working from home, schooling their kids from home, and just generally feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment…

We are offering our flagship Time Management Course for half price.

This course has several lessons that are specifically relevant to work-from-home creative folks as well as full-time, stay-at-home parents.

During the month of March we were able to offer the course at no charge. But as a small business ourselves, we also need to keep our lights on and out team paid. We are continuing to offer the full course at a significant discount: Save 50% for at least a few more weeks into the middle of April.

Use coupon code WFH to get full access for half price.

Some lessons are already public on our blog

If you prefer, we have already selected some of the most relevant WFH lessons and have posted them publicly on our blog. You can watch these, or use the coupon code WFH to get access to the entire course for half price.

  1. How to Accomplish Your Most Important Tasks
  2. Estimating Time for Tasks
  3. Thriving With a Variable Schedule
  4. Distractions and Interruptions
  5. Utilizing Themed Days for Focus
  6. Overcoming Procrastination
  7. Being Productive at Home

The entire Time Management Course has over 30 lessons in it.

We are treating everyone who signs up as if they had paid full price. Which means you’ll get lifetime access to the course, and any other benefits and loyalty deals that we offer to our customers.

Use coupon code WFH to save 50% on full access.

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