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Monday, December 5


Jocelyn K. Glei

How to Stay Distraction Free with Jocelyn K. Glei

Jocelyn and Shawn talk about how distraction is the enemy of creativity. Jocelyn shares her story of becoming a full-time writer and author, her day-to-day structure for doing creative work, and how to overcome distractions.

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Todd Henry

Staying Creative Day After Day with Todd Henry

Shawn and Todd discuss the need to thrive under creative pressure, how to stay creatively focused, the importance of relationships, staying inspired, keeping up your creative energy, building a body of work that provides true value to others, and more.

Watch Todd’s Session »


Tuesday, December 6


Josh Kaufman

How to Focus on the Essentials with Josh Kaufman

Josh and Shawn discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the 5 essential components of any business, how to make decisions in the midst of overwhelm, and why action brings clarity. Also, Josh reveals his advice for how to create a personal masterplan as well as his single most-important productivity practice.

Watch Josh’s Session »


Havilah Cunnington

Navigating Life and Work with Havilah Cunnington

Shawn and Havilah talk about navigating life and work, saying “no”, understanding how you work best, and more.

Watch Havilah’s Session »


Mike Vardy

The Challenges of Scaling with Mike Vardy

Mike and Shawn talk about the challenges of scaling your business and the transition of working in your company to working on your company. They discuss the feeling of overwhelm and how to manage it, the importance of relationships, and having a daily/weekly/annual focus.

Watch Mike’s Session »


Wednesday, December 7


Aaron Mahnke

Keep Moving Forward with Aaron Mahnke

Shawn and Aaron talk about how to make progress on your creative and business goals, how to keep moving forward with your creative work even when there are many demands on your time and attention, the importance of capturing ideas, why you have to show up every day, and more.

Watch Aaron’s Session »


Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk

Building a Business That Matters with Jeff Sheldon

Shawn and Jeff discuss the challenges of building your own small business, how to cure perfectionism, balancing your time and focus as a creative entrepreneur, building an audience, staying productive, and more.

Watch Jeff’s Session »


Thursday, December 8


Paul Jarvis

Building An Audience-Based Business with Paul Jarvis

In their session, Shawn and Paul talk about balancing the many hats of a creative professional, how to be focused and present on the task at hand, and how to build an audience.

Watch Paul’s Session »


SPEAKER_NAMEMyke Hurley and Stephen Hackett

Passion and Personality
with Myke Hurley & Stephen Hackett

Shawn, Myke, and Stephen talk about the required tradeoffs for showing up every day to work on your passion projects. They’ll discuss how to build an audience, how to push through negativity and cynicism, and how to build something with a strong foundation.

Watch Myke and Stephen’s Session »


Chris Bowler

Intentional Living with Chris Bowler

Shawn and Chris discuss how to keep a synergy between all the different areas of your life, the importance of morning routines, and how simplicity leads to greater creative output.

Watch Chris’ Session »


Friday, December 9


Claire Lew

Using Focus as a Competitive Advantage with Claire Lew

Shawn and Claire discuss the difference between vision, values, and mission; what to do when you get a new idea; and Clair will also be giving advice to young entrepreneurs as well as seasoned-yet-overwhelmed entrepreneurs

Watch Claire’s Session »


Sean McCabe

The Path to Quality with Sean McCabe

Shawn and Sean discuss the importance of morning routines, the connection between quantity and quality, and why it’s critical to focus on the things that only you can do.

Watch Sean’s Session »



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