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Creating Blocks of Time for the Important Things

Right off the bat, I must confess that the schedule I share below is something I haven’t done very well yet. But I’m posting about it anyway because it’s an experiment worth sharing about. Even now, as I am just starting to fiddle with it, I know it will still give you some ideas for

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All My Notes From the Craft + Commerce Conference

Downtown Boise is wonderful. This was my first time there, and I was amazed at how fantastic the downtown area was. It’s easy and fun to walk around, and there are tons of great restaurants and coffee shops. The reason I was in Boise was for the first Craft + Commerce conference hosted by ConvertKit.

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Mo Bunnell’s Best Quarter Ever

Mo Bunnell is the founder and CEO of Bunnell Idea Group. He’s a business development coach living in Atlanta with his wife and daughters. In the summer of 2015, Mo signed up for The Focus Course. As Mo shares in the video, things were already going pretty well. But after completing the Focus Course and

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What I Learned at My First Marketing Conference

Last week I was in San Diego for an online marketing conference. And I was blown away by the quality of the event. This was my very first “marketing” conference. And, to be candid, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My stereotyped assumption of marketing events is that they’re filled with tons of hype and

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