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Live with Ugmonk: Creativity and business with Jeff Sheldon

This coming Tuesday, June 21, I’ll be interviewing Jeff Sheldon for a members-only, live interview and strategy call.

Jeff is the founder of Ugmonk — a highly-respected, one-stop-shop for some incredible tools and other paraphernalia around productivity and organization.

If you’re not familiar with Ugmonk — it started as Jeff’s side-hustle t-shirt business. But through Jeff’s constant experimenting (along with his attention to detail), he has grown Ugmonk into a thriving business and creative brand.

Running a Small Business + Doing Creative Work

Go behind the scenes with Jeff Sheldon.

Here are a few of things that we’ll cover during the LIVE interview:

⚡️ Creating new products: How to stay inspired & relevant while also leading a team. (The challenges of RUNNING a small business.)

⚡️ Content strategy: doing email newsletters & social media (the challenges of GROWING a small-business and an audience).

⚡️ Analog Productivity: The why and how behind Analog and Jeff’s personal approach to productivity and systems.

⚡️ Live Q&A: Your chance to ask any questions live (or submit them ahead of time and catch the answers during the replay).

Event Details

What: Private strategy call with Jeff Sheldon, founder of Ugmonk

When: Tuesday, June 21 at 11am Eastern (with replay available)

Where: Private, members-only Zoom call

Who: All members of the Focus Accelerator membership get the link to join us live (and video replay access)

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