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How to Accomplish Your Goals

This is a Skype interview between yours truly and Mo Bunnell.

Mo is a business development coach based in Atlanta. And just recently he came out with a brand-new book, The Snowball System.

(If you do any type of sales — if you’re a freelancer, lawyer, consultant, etc. — then do yourself a favor and get a copy of Mo’s book. It’s the best training on how to sell your work that I’ve ever come across.)

In the summer of 2015, Mo signed up for The Focus Course. After going through the course, Mo finally got moving to write and publish his book. (It had been an idea that he’d had for years, but he always had a reason as to why he hadn’t started it yet.)

Mo and I have become good friends over the years, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet his family. And it’s amazing to watch the way he stays focused with his business goals, while also maintaining a thriving personal life at home.

That’s why, in our conversation, I asked Mo about the systems he uses that help him to stay on track with his work and to keep things balanced between his work life and personal life.

Mo also shares about the personal strategies and the 4-step process he uses to help keep the key areas of his life on track.

And, just in time for the upcoming New Year, Mo and I also discuss the process of how to get started and stick with your goals — because you will never get across the finish line of your goals if you don’t stick with the process.

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