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Why We Need a Focused Life

This short video is pulled right out of the bonus section of The Focus Course.

I wanted to share this with you because it video stands on its own — it will give you value and a quick win today.

Check it out to get an excellent overview of why you need a focused life.

Plus… you’ll also get some high-level perspective about things that you may not be thinking about, even if you already feel “focused”.

The Struggle

By far and away, the most common point of frustration I hear from people is two-fold:

  1. They don’t know how best to be using their time to do the things that are most important to them.

  2. Even if they did know, their schedule is completely full and they don’t know where to find the time.

You’re here because you know you’ve got awesome work you want to do. You have something valuable to share with the world. You have friends and family you want to build thriving relationships with. Your best work, your best ideas, and your best relationships are all still ahead of you.

The Takeaway

Living with diligence and focus is not a personality type — it’s a skill. And since it’s a skill, it means you can learn it.

The components of a focused life are:

  1. A Vision for your life (your “why”)
  2. Life Goals (your “what”)
  3. Action Plan (your “how”)
  4. Daily Schedule (your “when”)
  5. Lifestyle Practices (your safety net)

(We do a deep dive into this during Modules Two and Three of the Focus Course.)

What To Do

Today, I want you to change your mind. Change your mind about how you think of a life vision, and how you think of your own life.

Start by telling yourself you can change. Because you can. You can get a vision for your life. You can get better at how you focus your time and energy.

Think about the most accomplished and the most successful people that you know. Do you notice how they always seem to know what’s next for them? They’ve got something that they are working towards.

There’s a confidence that isn’t just a personality type. It’s a confidence that is based in experiential knowledge. This inner peace that comes from having direction and knowing where you’re going and having a plan for how to get there.

Living with diligence and focus, it’s not a personality type, it’s a skill. And since it’s a skill, it means that you can learn it.

To be able to grow in this skill of living a focused life, like any other skill, means that you have to practice.

So what does that sort of practice look like?

That’s exactly what we dive into in The Focus Course.

You will discover some of the most fun and important things that you can do to help with your productivity and doing your best creative work.

There’s a lot of practical ideas, a lot of quick wins, as well as some philosophical concepts, and some other training on basic productivity theory.

The Focus Course is filled with the best of the best. The stuff that works for me and so many others.

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