The Focus Course


Below is a list of all the classes and courses we currently offer.

Everything is available on-demand — meaning you can sign up and start today with complete access to all the material. Additionally, everything comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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The Focus Course »

Our flagship product. A 40-day guided course to help you find clarity, gain momentum, and set yourself up to do your best creative work.

The Margin Course »

Our in-depth course focused on restoring breathing room in your schedule, finances, emotional energy, mental energy, and more. Includes 12 video lessons dedicated to the topic of margin, as well as a 5 day margin reset.

A Focus on Time Management »

Scheduling, prioritizing, and time management training. This audio class has 30 MP3 lessons and 7 PDF worksheets.

In this time management class, there is a significant amount of practical training and stories you can use for getting control of your time and making the most of the hours in your day. It stands on its own from The Focus Course, but like all of our classes, it was created for those who want to dive deeper into the topics we disco

Creative Focus Online Summit »

Complete archives (video and audio replays) of this 12-session summit, featuring candid and powerful conversations with some of the world’s best creative entrepreneurs.

Topics include how to stay distraction free, balancing work and life, a focus on quality, how to improve your routines, the importance of and difference between vision, values, and mission, using focus as a competitive advantage, how to grow your audience, and more.

The Elements of Focus »

A powerful and fun, 8-part mini-course that teaches the foundational ideas behind meaningful productivity.

The Awareness Building Class »

A 5-session audio class co-hosted by Shawn Blanc and Mike Vardy. Though sold separately, the Awareness Building Class pairs hand-in-hand with The Focus Course as a resource help you stop guessing and start going.

Delight is in The Details »

Why it’s worth it to sweat the details and inject delight into your products. This is an ebook and interview series by Shawn Blanc.

Recommended Books and Stuff »

This is fun if you like to read: it’s the list of about 50 books plus all the other articles, podcasts, and talks that I read, watched, and listened to as part of my research in creating The Focus Course and its ancillary classes.

In-Depth Training for Apple Power Users »

If you’re an Apple user and want the best training for how to use the best apps out there for improving your productivity and creativity, then you will love our sister site, The Sweet Setup. (That may even be how you got here in the first place.)