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Maintaining Focus When Life is Extra Busy (Video)

Every month we host a group coaching call for the Focus Club.

This is where I share a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff related to what we’re doing here at Blanc Media and how we keep things running. We also spend a lot of time answering any and all questions from our amazing crew of Club members.

During April’s call, one of our club members, Ken, asked about how to maintain focus on a project when other areas of life are creating an unusual amount of stress.

This is a fantastic question, and I wanted to share it with everyone. You can hear my answer to Ken’s question in the clip below.

To sum up again what’s in the video, I suggest hitting pause or slowing down on the project as much as possible in order to allow the margin and focus to resolve the other areas of life that are creating that unusual amount of stress.

Bringing resolution and health to the other areas of your life will have a massive impact on your ability to be more efficient in the rest of your work. Why? Because, as I share in the video, our life is not a cut-and-dry, neat and tidy little organization. Everything overlaps with everything else.

six areas

P.S. For further reading, I love this recent article from my pal Nathan Barry regarding Mental Frameworks for handling stress.

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