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Jen Nagaoka Video Interview: Adopting your life vision and the importance of self care

Jen Nagaoka is the wife of an entrepreneur and a mom of two boys. A lot of her days are spent taking care of other people and managing the home.

With the ebb and flow of life and the needs of the family changing, Jen finds herself takeing on a fluid role that changes often.

Like many of us, Jen has often found herself struggling with personal goal setting, managing her time, and establishing a rhythm of life that is her own.

But I knew that Jen had seen some massive breakthrough in those areas, and I wanted to hear from her on how she makes progress toward her goals when the demands of family life feel overwhelming.

In our conversation we talk about how taking The Focus Course impacted the way she fulfills her roles as a wife and mom, but also the importance of taking care of herself first.

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Highlights, Quotes, And Takeaways

On the challenge of making progress on goals.

Most of my days involve taking care of my family, the home, and then the management of the home and keeping everyone else going. My role is pretty fluid — it ebbs and flows based on what the needs of the day or week or month are. My husband’s the primary entrepreneur and runner of our business. And so with that, his needs kind of ebb and flow based on what’s going on. A lot of my role changes a little bit every day.

And so, that is where I’ve struggled to lock in to personal goal setting, and feeling in control of managing my time, and having a rhythm in my own life. I feel like I’m bouncing a little bit based on supporting everyone else.

That’s why The Focus Course was so profound for me. Because so much of my energy every day is spent helping other people. I think I’ve always had this idea that my life vision was like something you wrote down once and you put it in Sharpie and you put it on your wall and that was it.

On the ebb and flow of seasons and adopting life vision.

Something that was so freeing for me during The Focus Course was learning that the vision of your life can change based on the season of life you’re in. I used to think: I’m not able to do my life goals because I’m holding a baby all day. How am I accomplishing all the things I’m supposed to do in this world?

It was amazing to be able to tailor my life vision to this moment in life as opposed to something that I want written on my tombstone when I’m 80.

On the importance of self care.

I love taking care of other people and I love being more of a support role and a supporter to those that I love, but I’ve had a tendency to just get lost and sometimes not take care of myself as a priority. But I have dreams and ideas and creativity and things that need to be expressed, too.

And in this season I’ve been able to say: What is success? What is a win? What is me accomplishing those goals?

And for me, right now, it’s taking care of the family and the home, but it’s also making sure that I don’t get lost — that as my kids continue to get older and enter into school and do those things that I have something on myself left.

And so, it’s saying for me a lot of this season has been “self care” or saying, am I doing something every day that I needed to do for me. And it feels so opposite of what I feel would be the right thing to do. But I’m going to take care of myself and that’s actually my goal for this season of life. And it’s been the most amazing gift.

On overcoming guilt related to self care and feeling free to focus.

It was so freeing to say that I need to also take care of myself. To acknowledge that this is what I need, and it’s okay if I don’t do all the other things.

I can get super excited and overwhelmed by all the other things I want to do. And that was the other transformative part of the Focus Course — it was being able to lock in on one or two things — not trying to tackle all seven or eight at once where you then pitter patter off because it’s too much.

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