The Focus Course


Why We Need a Focused Life

This short video is pulled right out of the bonus section of The Focus Course. I wanted to share this with you because it video stands on its own — it will give you value and a quick win today. Check it out to get an excellent overview of why you need a focused life.

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Meet Joanna Eitel

   Joanna Eitel Joanna and her husband, Tyler, live in Kansas City, Missouri. They have a 4-year old son and 2-year old daughter. After working for almost ten years as an event coordinator for a large ministry in the area, Joanna now works part-time as the office manager for an adoption agency along with enjoying

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Using Focus as a Competitive Advantage

In my office is a giant whiteboard. And as we were planning the Creative Focus Online Summit, I listed out all the people whom I wanted to take part. Right at the top of that list was Claire Lew. Claire is the CEO of Know Your Company, which is a very clever software tool that

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