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Ira Glass on Taste vs Talent

When trying to get moving toward a goal, project, business, etc. it can be frustrating. Especially so when you’re on the threshold of a new project and you see where you are right now and you compare it to where you hope to go, and it feels unsurmountable. Why spend a disproportionate amount of time

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Build Better Defaults

As you may know, I’ve been working for myself from home for since 2011. And even still, I’m terrible at estimating how much time I need to spend on a particular task. At first, my bad time estimations would frustrate my wife. She’d ask me how long until I was done working and I’d think

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How to Show Up Every Day

How do you keep focused doing the things that matter even when they’re a grind? Reader Alan N. just recently asked me this question and it’s an excellent one. Most of the time, the things that matter are a grind. Why is that? It seems unfair that the most important work is often mundane and

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