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February’s Reading: ‘The Dip’ by Seth Godin

For February’s Book Club, we’re reading through The Dip by Seth Godin.

This book is 10 years old, and I’d argue that it’s even more relevant now than it was when published in 2007.

I listened to the audio version during my recent train ride up to Chicago a few weeks ago. The audiobook is read by Seth himself; it’s very short: just 90 minutes.

Though I had a different book originally picked for our February Book Club, I instantly knew that The Dip needed to be our next read.

The Dip piggybacks perfectly with January’s book, The Crossroads of Should and Must. In Elle’s book, the focus is on finding what your “must” is and pursuing it.

In The Dip, the focus is on surviving what Seth calls “that long slog between starting and mastering.”

My Key Takeaways

On every journey to mastery, there is a very difficult season of learning and persevering and growth. This season is called the dip.

To push through the dip requires focus and diligence and time. And if you go through the dip, you will do amazing things. However, if you quit when things become difficult, then you’ll only ever be mediocre (at that particular skill).

However, this doesn’t mean that you should always push through the dip. Because you cannot be a master at everything. And thus, there are times when you should quit the dip. This takes courage.

Rest assured, any endeavor or skill or enterprise that you take on, you will encounter the dip. If you know it’s coming then you can also be prepared to survive it.

Here are some links to grab the book in whichever format you prefer:

Happy reading!

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