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On Working From Home and Being Productive and Creative

Fridays used to be my work-from-home day.

Back when I when I was working as marketing director, I would keep one day a week for working without interruptions: Friday.

I would stay off email, I wouldn’t answer my phone, and I’d spend long hours thinking about problems that couldn’t be solved during the 5 minute walk from one meeting to the next.

In 2011, when I quit that job and began to write for a living, every day became Work From Home Day.

Since 2011 my home office has been my primary place of work. Though there are times when it’s fun to pick up and move to the living room or the park or a coffee shop, for me, I’ve found that having a ritual and familiarity to my work space helps ensure I do the hard creative work every single day.

I’ve also found that many of the best things about working from home serve as a double-edged sword (as this Twitter chain from 2013 demonstrates).

Here a few articles on the topic of the home office. Enjoy…

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