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November’s Reading: ‘The 10x Rule’ by Grant Cardone

“What if you are underestimating your capabilities?”

That’s the line that stuck out to me in the very first chapter of Grant Cardone’s book, The 10x Rule.

The premise of this book is two-fold:

  1. You need to set massive goals.
  2. You need to take massive action to accomplish those goals.

You won’t accomplish a massive goal if you only ever take average action. Yet, that is how so many of us live.

We have big dreams, big ideas, lofty goals, and ambitions…

…but the energy and action we put forth toward accomplishing those goals is not proportionate.

Why our actions are not proportionate to our goals

  • For one, we’re afraid of failure. Long-time readers will know that I believe fear of failure is actually a signpost you’re on the right track.

  • Secondly, I think another reason why our actions are not proportionate to our goals is because we are waiting to be “picked”. We’re hoping that someone, somewhere, will discover us and pick us…

Hire me

We’re not taking 100% ownership of our success. We’re afraid of failing or being rejected. And thus, we tread lightly.

The truth is, if you find yourself saying this might not work then you’re probably on the right path.

This book is all about developing your bias toward action. But it also moves past that.

The 10x Rule gets you into the mindset that in order to see breakthrough in the areas that you care about it takes consistent action and forward movement.

A few takeaways from the book:

  • Put as much energy as posssible into doing the things you can control and which are high-leverage. (p. 194)

  • There is no shortage of success. So don’t give in to a scarcity mindset. Being jealous or cynical or comparative or depressed about other people’s success will do you no good. “Success is not a zero sum game, there can be many winner. Success is not a commodity or resource that has limited reserves.” (p. 33)

  • Focus on “now” — Act now with your eye on the future. “There exist only two times for the successful: now and the future. The unsuccessful spend most of their time in the past and regard the future as an opportunity to procrastinate. (pp. 171; 187)

This book is fits in perfectly as the 3rd pick for Book Club. Here’s why…

First we read Margin, which is all about giving your life the breathing room it needs in order to thrive.

Then we read Essentialism, which is all about focusing on what is most important.

Now, with The 10x Rule, it’s all about the energy and drive you put behind those most important areas of your life.

Where to buy The 10x Rule:

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