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How I Stay Sane When Life Feels Extra Busy

Fall is by far and away my favorite time of year. There is something magical about the crisp weather, a lit candle, a hot drink, and a blank page to write on. And here we are. It’s November! To be honest, most years I’m not yet ready for fall. The cooler weather will hit, and

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The Power of a Clarity Day

Like all of us, Mike Vardy has many things he wants and need to do. In order to combat all the demands on his time and energy, and to make sure he stays focused on what matters, he has what he calls The Clarity Day.

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Three Signs You Need Margin

When you’re at capacity, there is no room for anything else. But when there is space left over — when there is margin — that space enables you to breath. Here are three signs you may need some margin in your day.

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$20 and 20 Minutes

This week, my wife and I decided to part with our collection of storage bins. There are few things so wonderful as throwing out junk you no longer use or need.

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The Characteristics of a Successful Company

As I’ve mentioned, the half-day Basecamp event in Chicago had a huge impact on me. It has given me much food for thought in terms of how to create an entire company that has margin. My experience working for organizations — large and small — is that things are generally disorganized and everything is urgent

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