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Margin as a Family

One of the primary purposes of margin is for relationships. Of course margin is worth pursuing and restoring for ourselves. But margin for us also means margin for those we care about the most. Whether single, in a serious relationship, or married with kids, a dose of margin enables us to more wholly engage the

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Creating Margin

Creating a course about margin through one of the busiest seasons of my life. Turned out to be altogether fitting. Here’s a little behind the scenes look.

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Marginless Living

Living without margin has become so widely accepted we’ve normalized it. To embrace a life with margin it may be helpful to talk about what a life without margin feels like.

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Margin is Counter Cultural

Embracing a life with margin will require more than just wishful thinking if it is survive the onslaught of cultural norms. Marginless living has been normalized and resisting it is a fight.

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