The Focus Course

Is Your Life “Focus Ready”?

Andy and I met during a Zoom call with 100 other people.

About 3 months earlier, Andy had found out about us through Google. He was googling for digital planners that he could use on his iPad and stumbled across the one we sell.

It hurt my feelings a little bit, but I didn’t mind when Andy called our digital planner a distraction.

“It was a shiny thing. It was fun. But it didn’t solve the core,” he said to me.

Fair enough. And, in fact, good for you, Andy.

Andy said, “The planner didn’t solve the core problem. I was doing different productivity things that all were really just scratching around the surface; I was playing around the edges… but I wasn’t getting to the core piece.”

Andy joined our small pilot group to help beta test the first round of the Focus Course Academy.

Before the Focus Academy, Andy had been feeling off center. That’s partly why he was googling for new planners and productivity apps.

Though he was very much engaged in life, Andy told me that he was also in need of a slight course correction.

The process of my work with Andy was this:

  • We looked over all his roles and responsibilities.
  • We worked to create a life mission that was exciting.
  • We used that to review his current goals and set new ones that made more sense.
  • We brainstormed simple, delightful habits could would help him make progress on autopilot toward his goals.
  • We developed a schedule that allowed for more “schedule-value-fit” while making space for his new lifestyle practice. (This was when everything really clicked for Andy.)
  • We prepared for the challenges and obstacles that commonly get in the way, so that Andy’s new ideas and habits wouldn’t just fall off a cliff once the Academy was over.

Did it work? Absolutely.

After going through the 4-week program, there were two things about Focus Academy that helped Andy the most:

For one, the Academy helped Andy to get out of his own way. He was finally able to get clear.

He said, “the process of Academy allowed me to clarify things that I knew in my head, but that I was stuck on.”

The second thing that helped was the community — the other people who were doing Academy at the same time.

“As I listened to the examples from everyone else of what they were working on, then things finally clicked for me. It gave me an inner permission to actually focus more on what matters for myself as well.”

It turns out that the Focus Course Academy is NOT about increasing productivity. (Well it is, but not like you think it is. I’ll explain more tomorrow.)

As you know, life gets out of focus. It just does.

That’s why the work we do during the Focus Academy is designed to get you back on track right now. While also giving you something simple to fall back on in order to stay on track and to continue to thrive in the midst of life’s tensions.

The Focus Course Academy is the fastest, most enjoyable, way to get your life back on track — and keep it there.

Registration opens next week, on September 1st.

I hope you will consider joining us for this all-new program.

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