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In Praise of the Home Office

Mike Sager wrote an excellent article on the joys, freedoms, and monotonous nature of working from home.

Here in my home office, the line between pleasure and duty is blurred. Weekend or weekday, there is no difference to me. Nobody counts my hours. My work is also my hobby. It takes as long as it takes. That someone is or is not paying me at any particular time is sort of secondary. Like most people, I work to live. But I also live to work.

This is where I do it—a 900-square foot patch of universe chock-a-block with photos, keepsakes, books and other familiar objects of personal history, most of it qualified as tax deductible, all of it mine to command.

Like nowhere else, when I am here I know who I am.

And don’t miss the six-line poem at the end of Sager’s article which is fantastic.

(Hat tip to Jocelyn K. Glei’s wonderful newsletter (of course) for the above article. And, speaking of, Jocelyn has a related article about how to maintain your sanity (and be productive) when you work alone all the time that is quite on point.)

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