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The Simplicity of Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule

Check out this copy of Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule. I love how open and simple it is…

Ben Franklin Daily Schedule

Though his schedule had structure and routine, it was also very forgiving to all the nuances and variables that each day’s unique tasks and priorities bring.

He had only six blocks of time scheduled each day:

  • Getting ready for the day: shower, breakfast, personal study, and prepare for work (3 hours)
  • Morning work (4 hours)
  • Review of current projects and to eat lunch (2 hours)
  • Afternoon work (4 hours)
  • Dinner and rest and wrapping up the day (4 hours)
  • Sleep (7 hours)

So simple, yet still structured and helpful.

From time to time I take a look at my own routine to make sure it’s serving me well.

Having a daily routine helps ensure that the minutes don’t get away from you. It helps you avoid squandering your time.

Many people kick against the idea of structure or routine or a schedule. I certainly used to. But in truth, a routine like Ben Franklin’s is extremely empowering — it’s actually liberating.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again:

There’s no good reason a creative person should live without any sort of routine, discipline, or accountability.

There is this big myth that creativity cannot be harnessed. That’s silliness.

Sure, inspiration often will come when we least expect it, and so by all means, let us allow exceptions to our schedules. But sitting around being idle while in wait for inspiration is a good way to get nothing done. And worse, it is also a way to let the creative juices get stagnant.

You will do your best work when you’ve found a way to live within constraint. Moreover, you’ll also find that it removes much of the stress between your work life and personal life.

The secret to all of this is found in your daily routines and habits.

And I’d love to teach you more about how to make sure your daily schedule is one that lines up with what matters to you (in every area of life)…

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