The Focus Course

Save the Date: September 1, 2021

Have you ever felt stuck in a loop doing random acts of focus that don’t lead to meaningful results in your life?

I know I’ve been there. In fact, I’ll have to tell you about something my team and I recently figured out that seems so obvious in hindsight but that we were totally blind to until just a few months ago.

But first, you may have figured out by now, something big and brand new is happening in just a few weeks…

I don’t want to make it sound too hyped up — but I am very much excited! (You’ll see why if you read the end.)

On September 1st, we are opening up enrollment for the all-new, first-ever, Focus Course Academy. 🥳

Coming September 1: The Focus Course Academy

The Focus Course Academy is a 4-week online program.

It’s for creators and leaders who want to uncomplicate things, get clear on what matters, and finally have the breathing room to focus.

All in just a few hours per week and without having to memorize some new complicated system, or implement a bunch of new tactics to see what sticks, or even without having to start all over with your entire schedule and responsibilities.

Registration is now open

Update: Enrollment for Academy is open now until September 13. Don’t miss out:


Over the next few weeks, as we count down to September 1…

I have stories to show you how the process inside of Academy works — and how it produces significant results in the lives of everyone who goes through it.

And I’m going to be sharing a lot of the ideas and material from the course.

(I’m not concerned about giving away too much of the teaching and material because a big part of what makes Academy magical is live-online community.)

All of that in the coming weeks as we approach enrollment in September.

For now, do this:

👉 Save the date: September 1. (That’s when enrollment opens up, with the Academy starting on the 13th.)

What Others are Saying

To be honest, The Focus Academy is also SO MUCH MORE than a program for creators and leaders who want to uncomplicate things.

It’s also for anybody who is burnt out or feeling overwhelmed.

Or if you find yourself stuck doing reactive work.

Or if you are a master of procrastination.

If your schedule could use a makeover.

If you just kinda suck at managing your tasks and time the way you want to.

Or if you are still feeling the “meh” and the funk from all that has been 2020 and beyond…

After talking to some of the folks who went through our initial “beta” groups of Academy — the versions that were full of typos, scheduling hiccups, and goofy production —

Here is what the beta members had to say about their experience going through the Focus Course Academy:

“This was an incredible experience that has helped me to completely un-complicate my life. — Alexandra

“I was not expecting the seismic transformation that happened.”

“Before Academy, I didn’t know what that fundamental, one piece of my life was. I was scratching around the surface; I was playing around the edges… but I hadn’t yet gotten to the core piece.” — Andy

“The collective wisdom of a cohort is amazing. This group method is the best way to take this course.” — Doug

“This workshop was completely life changing.” — Jennifer

“The small habits that I worked toward during the Academy all became something tangible and possible for me … they were finally something I believed in and could do because I knew they were supported by all the choices and conclusions I had made during Academy.” — Jenette

Now do see why I am so excited for September? Yeah. This is going to be good.

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Update: Enrollment for Academy is open now until September 13. Don’t miss out:


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