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Curious if the Focus Course is for you?
It’s design for anyone who wants to increase productivity, personal integrity, morale, and overall quality of life.

What sets the course apart is that it guides you in the implementation of these principles so that these topics go beyond mere head knowledge and into experiential knowledge.

There are many ideas and principles taught during the course, and they all tie together. This course will help you form an holistic picture of work/life balance, meaningful productivity, and doing work that matters.

This course has been taken by project mangers, photographers, engineers, small business owners, designers, developers, mom, dads, office assistants, and more.



What exactly is the purpose of the course and what are its benefits?

In short, the aim of The Focus Course is to teach you about the components of a focused life (vision, goals, action plans, lifestyle practices, and time management) and to help you implement them in a way that works for you.

The Focus Course doesn’t put any particular system or methodology on you. Since each day you have a small assignment or a worksheet to help you find answers to questions, you’re “coached” along a path that helps you figure out the answers for yourself.

By the time you complete the course, you’ll have:

  • A life vision
  • Clarity about what is important to you in each area of your life (physical health, inner-personal life, relationships, vocation, finances, rest & recreation).
  • A goal for each area of your life
  • A plan for how to make progress on those goals
  • An idea of something you can do each day that will (a) aligns with your life vision, (b) improve the quality of your life and (c) move the needle forward toward your life goals.

As you go through the course, we also learn about specific topics that help with living a focused life: including diligence, focus, work/life balance, urgency addiction, community, gratitude, creating meaningful work, and more.



The course can help you figure out WHAT you should be working on, even if you don’t yet have the clarity about where to spend your time in the first place

The way the Focus Course is structured, it’s ideal for people who aren’t yet sure about what direction to go in.

During Modules Two and Three you’ll go step-by-step to figure out your most important roles and values. Then use that information to help you get a rough draft of your life’s mission statement. And then, use that as the template to help you with goal setting for all the main areas of your life.

The truth is, hardly any of us know what we want to do in every single area of our life. And, as seasons of life change, so do our goals and priorities.

The Focus Course helps you get both clarity and momentum in the areas you need it most.

Here’s how the course works
The Focus Course is ‘open enrollment’. You can start anytime you want and go at any pace you like.

You’ll want to set aside 15-30 minutes for each day.

Some do the course straight through in 40 days, others do just one “day” each week. If you only want to do lessons on weekdays? Cool! Need to take a vacation just as you’re completing Module Two? No problem! The website keeps track of which days you have completed, and you can easily see your progress on the Table of Contents page.

As a Focus Course member, you will have lifetime access to the course, there is no rush to complete it (or even start it) until you’re ready.



Get Access to The Focus Course

60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

I am confident that the contents and value of the course are well worth the investment.

1,200 amazing people have signed up to take The Focus Course. Every person who has been through the course and provided feedback has said that The Focus Course had a positive impact on them, that they learned about the things they were wanting to learn about, and they saw positive change in the areas they were looking to improve. And hundreds of Focus Course almni are signing up to take the course again as part of Focus Camp.

However, if you’re not delighted with your purchase, just email me within 60 days of your purchase and I’ll be happy to give you a full refund. No questions asked (though hopefully you’ll be willing to share with me what you didn’t like about it so I can make improvements).