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How to Maintain Peak Performance (Video)

Every month we host a group coaching call for all of our Focus Club members. And during these calls we answer any and all questions from the Club members. During last week’s call, one of our members asked: I’m showing up everyday, and I’m able to focus during my deep work sessions. What are the

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Mo Bunnell’s Best Quarter Ever

Mo Bunnell is the founder and CEO of Bunnell Idea Group. He’s a business development coach living in Atlanta with his wife and daughters. In the summer of 2015, Mo signed up for The Focus Course. As Mo shares in the video, things were already going pretty well. But after completing the Focus Course and

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The Value of Focusing on One Thing at a Time (Video)

There is significant value in having a clear goal, a single focus, and a deadline. When you have these things you work with greater efficiency, you produce a higher quality of work, and you have more fun doing so.

This is one of those things that we know in principle, but many of us do not actually walk it out. We take on every new idea we have, we say yes to too many incoming opportunities, and we just generally have too much going on at any given time.

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How and Why I Schedule Every Minute (Video)

Every month we host a group coaching call for the Focus Club. During these calls we answer any and all questions from the Club members. This is also where I share a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff related to what we’re doing here at Blanc Media and how we keep things running. During our most recent

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Meet Tyler Soenen

Tyler Soenen is an engineer, project manager, and avid outdoorsman living in Kansas City with his wife and their son. In the summer of 2015, Tyler signed up for The Focus Course. As he shares below, Tyler’s biggest challenge related to focus was to maintain clarity on what’s most important in his life and to

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Meet Joanna Eitel

   Joanna Eitel Joanna and her husband, Tyler, live in Kansas City, Missouri. They have a 4-year old son and 2-year old daughter. After working for almost ten years as an event coordinator for a large ministry in the area, Joanna now works part-time as the office manager for an adoption agency along with enjoying

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Paul Jarvis on Audience Growth (Summit Preview Video)

The Creative Focus Online Summit features 12 candid and powerful conversations with some of the world’s best creative entrepreneurs. We’ve posted several preview videos to give you an idea of the content… Claire Lew on Quality and Patience Josh Kaufman on the 5 Essentials of Business Todd Henry on the Importance of Creative Constraints Jeff

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Jeff Sheldon on Story-Based Selling (Summit Preview Video)

Recently we hosted the Creative Focus Online Summit. There were 6,000 people who registered and we broadcast a dozen incredible sessions. To give folks a taste of what the content was like, we’ve been sharing short video clips from some of the main sessions… Claire Lew on Quality and Patience Josh Kaufman on the 5

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