The Focus Course

The Creative Life (Coming Soon)

A new course about showing up every day, doing your best creative work, building an audience, and earning an income.

Show up every day.

Do your best creative work.

Enjoy the journey.

Go from hobby to pro.

Get inspired.

Define your audience.


Serve your true fans.

Define your business model.

Have (a lot!) of fun…

Is there a path to creative success?


Creative success means having the opportunity to consistently do creative work you’re proud of.

It all starts with this…

Show up every day.



Serve others.

Have fun.

Keep showing up.

Keep gaining experience…

You already have that grit.

What you need is the right mindset, the best tactics, and an awesome community…

The video at the top of this page is something I made over two years ago…

It still moves me every time I watch it.

Now I’m taking the ideas behind that video and combining them with my decades worth of experience doing creative work for a living and building a sustainable and thriving business around that work.

And what I’m working on can help you.

But… it’s not quite ready yet…

Which is why I need your help. (But more on that later.)

If you want to know more, sign up below.

And, to help you get started, I’ll send you a workbook I put together to help you find your creative focus and start showing up every day to create.