The Focus Course

Day 4

Ideation and Creative Imagination

Nice work, !

Congrats on doing today’s assignment. 

Here’s what other Focus Course members had to say about today’s assignment…


I really like when Shawn writes about ideas and ideation, as that’s something very real that I see in my life – specifically in my writing. It’s a good reminder to spend time just jotting down or working through all the different ideas I have flying around in my head, not just working on publish-caliber content.

Also, it never ceases to amaze me how much jotting down ideas – any ideas – can help more ideas to pop into one’s head. I started by writing some ideas about how I could improve my creative work in general, and not only had I come up with some brand new ideas for that prompt by the time I was done, I had the urge to continue to another prompt about various specific writing ideas I have as well. I haven’t explored that urge as of yet, but I think I will after finishing this little post.

— Michael


I’m guilty of writing off an idea because of fear. I contemplate what the worst possible outcomes can be and this section has made me realize that failing is okay. We learn from our mistakes and if we let fear stand in our way, we’ll never make that leap for any idea.

— Robert