The Focus Course

The Focus CourseWinter Camp, 2017

Join me and hundreds of others as we go through The Focus Course in January 2017.


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We’re Calling it Focus Camp.

Focus Camp is a group of people — including yours truly — that will all be going through The Focus Course together.

In the summer of 2016 over 500 people joined in to work through The Focus Course together. It was awesome!

We’ll be hosting another Focus Camp this coming January 2017. If you’d like to be notified about the next Camp, please RSVP and add your name to the list.

And no, you don’t have to pack your tent and drive to the mountains.

Why get a whole group of people to go through the Course at the same time? Why not?

  1. It will be fun!
  2. You’ll have the motivation and accountability that comes from being part of a group
  3. Learn from and share with others (you don’t have to share if you’re shy)
  4. Bi-weekly live online training events with Q&A
  5. Starts on Monday, January 8

Plus, every other week I’ll host a live webinar to talk about the breakthroughs and ideas as well as answer your questions.


If you want to take part in camp, please just RSVP to let us know you’d like to be in the loop with the camp activities.

RSVP for Camp

If you’re already a Focus Course member, camp is free. There’s nothing more for you to do other than RSVP.

If you’re not yet a Focus Course member: please sign up for The Focus Course today. You will get instant and lifetime access to all the Course contents and be all set to join myself and hundreds of others for the camp.

I have read my share of productivity books, blogs, and hacks, but nothing I have read comes close to your work in terms of helpfulness, depth, and significance.

Shawn’s ability to combine deep introspection with applicable exercises is brilliant. This course will re-route your vision, give you direction, and encourage you along the way.

This course by Shawn Blanc is packed with so much value. I highly recommend signing up.

Not only did Shawn give me useful, actionable advice and concepts to apply to my life but he did it in a down to earth and meaningful way. Shawn’s class really did find a great balance — I was able to easily see how his ideas could fit into all areas of my life and by addressing the underlying issues of productivity and focus, he’s really nailed it.

Questions That Might Get Asked Frequently

Do I have to be a Focus Course member to go through camp?

Yes. As a Focus Course member you have lifetime access to the course itself. You’ll also have access to the community forums, and the weekly Camp Webinars.

You should sign up for The Focus Course here.

I just started / I’m half-way through The Focus Course right now, what should I do?

It’s up to you. You can feel free to join in on the weekly webinars and the camp forums while still continuing on with The Focus Course at your current pace. There are no “rules” for Focus Camp, it’s really just a fun opportunity to connect as a community.

What is the camp schedule?

We’ll begin on Sunday, January 8, 2017.

There will be live webinars every other Thursday. And we’ll finish up the last day of the Focus Course in February.

A more detailed schedule with links will be sent out once we get closer to the Camp start time.

Do I have to keep up with the daily pace?

Nope. You can take part of camp while going through the Course at your own pace. Free to join in on the weekly webinars and the camp forums while continuing on with The Focus Course at your current pace.

There are no “rules” for Focus Camp — it’s just a fun opportunity to connect as a community.

I just want to join in the live webinars and not do the course, is that okay?

Absolutely. This will be a fun opportunity to connect as a community.

Where is camp being held?

Right here on The Focus Course website. Anywhere you have access to the internet and your Focus Course Dashboard page, you’ll have access to Focus Camp.

Why should I RSVP for camp?

Several reasons!

I’ve loved the combination of “types” of assignments. Practical, creative, encouraging, internal, etc. Most assignments I’ve been able to put into practice within my daily routine. This course has been so impactful, encouraging, and freeing to me.

The Focus Course has been an awesome experience. I look forward to each day. The balance between the big picture theory and experiential assignments is perfect: they have just enough substance to move me forward yet not so daunting as to discourage me from finishing. I also enjoyed how you “humanized” the content by sharing your own thoughts, goals, struggles, and ideas with us.

Such fun!

Please RSVP

Let us know you’re coming to camp by punching in your name and email.

Camp is free for all current Focus Course members.

If you’re not yet a member, you can still RSVP and we’ll send you all the details about camp and keep you in the loop, but you won’t be able go through the course nor join in on the live webinars without a Focus Course Membership.

RSVP for Camp