Session 6

How to Get a Life Vision

The Struggle

Meaningful productivity is based on vision, values, and integrity. Therefore, we need to know what our vision and values are so we can have a definition for what the most essential and important use of our time looks like.

Though challenging, creating a vision for your life is extremely rewarding. It gives you a plumb- line to help make future decisions, set goals, and know what “meaningful productivity” looks like. It helps you figure out what to say yes to and what to say no to.

The Takeaway

What a life vision is NOT: It’s not a long-term goal related to your job, family, or finances.

A life vision is more important than your career, your skills, your bank account, where your house is, what your car is, and anything else that is temporal. The vision of your life should be situation agnostic. It’s the sort of thing you can pursue and cultivate regardless of your job, income, geographic location, or family situation.

If your inner character is dependent upon external circumstances, then you’ve set yourself up for failure.

What a life vision IS: A high-level statement about what core values are important to you and how hope to express those values.

What To Do

  1. List out your most important roles ( Father, Sister, boss, employee, friend, etc.)
  2. List out the areas of your life that are most important to you and why (health, relationships, vocation, finances, hobbies, spirituality, etc.)
  3. List out the values and character traits you hope to impart to others (generosity, love work ethic, courage, compassion, joy, etc.)
  4. Mash it all together...

In your most important roles, what values do you hope to impart, and how do you hope to do that?

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