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Productivity Intensive

A 2-day, online workshop for business owners and CEOs who are ready to reduce their working hours and get more organized with your tasks, time, and ideas.

Better Ideas: Thanks to organization, prioritization, and systems

Less Tasks: Find and remove the busywork from your week

More Time: Designing your business and enjoying your life

March 22 – 23 (via Zoom or replays)

Focus Course features and clients

You need margin. And so does your company.

Margin and focus are required if you want to grow your profits, retain your talented team, and do great work... all without burning out.

Everything becomes easier with margin and focus.

BUT. . . you know all too well that as a successful business owner, you don’t naturally choose margin. And neither does your company.

Margin only comes by design. Complexity and overwhelm come naturally.

Most businesses — even smaller, simple businesses — become so complex that they are needlessly expensive to uphold and often get in their own way.

Complexity will destroy your profits and your sanity.

Join us for the Productivity Intensive, and in only 2 days you will have breakthrough of focus, simplicity, and margin...

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Margin = Profit (and then some)

My life, my business, and my profits all changed for the better when I implemented the 8-Week Work Cycle and started building a company that valued margin.

After all these years, it would now be impossible for my team and I to go back to the old way of doing things.

Things you won’t find at my company:

❌ Long hours.

❌ Projects that go on forever.

❌ Confusion about our business goals.

❌ Fires that always have to be put out.

❌ Ever-increasing complexity.

❌ Feeling guilty when we take time off.

❌ One person who knows everything and has to do everything.

We have learned a lot of clever tricks over the years of our consistent 8-Week Work Cycles.

This program will show you exactly how to restore margin to your calendar and your organization so you can grow your business.


You, after 2 short days...

  You are basking in your newly-updated productivity systems.

  You are more clear than ever on your role as CEO and what you should be focusing on.

  Your calendar actually has time set aside every week for you to spend designing your business.

  You have a clear roadmap of what you’re focusing on next.

  You’re finally delegating the tasks and actions that have been slowing you down.

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For Business Owners, CEOs, Leaders, and Creators

When you are struggling to manage your time and focus it’s frustrating. It hinders you from doing that which only you can do, and so you’re never able to get the traction you need and you stay stuck on the hamster wheel of your own schedule, and you're never able to design what's next for your business.

Are You Ready?

As part of this Productivity Intensive for small business owners and leaders, you will grow in your ability to:

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Themes & Outcomes

Why is it so hard for business owners to give up control? Delegation and SOP documentation are two big chunks that will be part of the FAB program and I anticipate will also be a strong, ongoing conversation topic within our small group. As part of this, I’ll be showing you the tools and processes (and mindsets) you need to delegate well.

A lack of margin will destroy your goals. We’ll show you the simplest and easiest way to install margin into you company in a way that is sustainable and delightful. (We’ll also give you lots of alternative suggestions and ideas so you can customize things to YOUR unique organization.)

Clarity + Boundaries
Without clarity in your business, you will see boundaries as restrictions that hold you back. Many CEOs and Business Owners try to build an organization without boundaries — they will try to do it all. They will say yes to everything. They will serve everyone. As a result, they will do little and serve few.

The 4-Focus Method
Discover how to implement this simple productivity flywheel into your business so you and your whole team can stay focused and productive in every area of life — for big projects and areas of responsibility, all the way down down to the small tasks each day.

Prioritizing and managing ideas / opportunities
Just because it’s a new idea or a new opportunity doesn’t mean it’s the best one. I’ll show you how my team and I organize, prioritize, and manage all our ideas in a way that helps us stay focused and productive without feeling overwhelmed (most of the time, lol).

Getting clear (as CEO and as a team)
You’ll discover how to set your desired outcomes and begin moving forward. It’s impossible to run a thriving business without clarity.

Time Management
Your CEO calendar template and how to making the difficult transition back to visionary and designer of your business now that your company is growing. (In short, make changes to stop working a job INSIDE your business and begin working ON your business.)

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Shawn Blanc

Shawn Blanc

Your Boss (j/k)

👋 Hey there! I'm Shawn and I am so excited to work with you!

I’m a small business owner since 2011, focusing on productivity systems and living in Kansas City with my wife and our three boys.

The Blanc Family

♥️ Married for 18 years with 3 boys. Send pizza! 🍕

For more than 20 years, I have been learning and teaching about creativity, productivity, and focus.

I’ve spoken about these topics at conferences and workshops; I've taught them to private groups and one-on-one clients; and my online courses have helped more than 17,000 people.

I absolutely love my work and my schedule. I've built a dream job, inside my dream company, working with my dream team. But work isn't everything to me. I also love the life that my business provides for me and those around me.

But it didn't always used to be this way...

My Journey From Overwhelmed to Focused

You guys! I used to work 70 hours per week. And even then, putting in all those hours, I still felt behind with my never-ending issues at work! I kept thinking I would eventually get ahead of the craziness and start making progress on meaningful work.

Eventually I quit that job to begin working for myself. But guess what? I brought those bad work habits to my own company. Even when I was the boss, I found that I was always chasing my to-do list. I never felt satisfied at the end of my work day; there was always more to be done. Work was always on my mind.

When my first son was born, I realized that I needed do to better...strong> I didn’t want my work life to dominate my time and energy. But, at the same time, I still had a strong desire to do meaningful work.

These seemingly-opposing forces shouldn’t have to fight one another. I knew it was okay to have a thriving work life while also having an awesome personal life.

I wanted to be the BOSS of my company, not just someone who worked inside of it. And I wanted to LOVE my life as a business owner.

Get My Personal & Business Systems for managing tasks, time, and ideas

I have spent years figuring out solutions related to focus and margin.

The systems and tools that I'll show you inside this workshop are the same ones I have developed, taught, and implemented in order to:

✓ Work just 35 hours per week, on the highest-leverage, most-enjoyable tasks inside my business.

✓ Eliminate (nearly) all of the busywork, urgency, and procrastination from my week.

✓ Help other business owners and teams get more breathing room in their schedule (even when it felt impossible to them).

✓ Allow my entire company to take off two months (paid) every year.

✓ Confidently plan out my year, my month, my week, and my day to do the things that I want to do.

✓ Delegate to my team and keep our projects moving forward.

The material inside this workshop intensive is what changed my life and the lives of my employees. I absolutely believe it will change your life and your business for the better.

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60-Day Money back guarantee

Satisfaction & Money-Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked.

I want your investment in this Productivity Intensive to be an easy decision that is exciting and free of stress. I know it can be scary to jump in to something like this without being positive of your end results.

If you join the program and go through the full training, yet find that it did not set you up for success and liberate your schedule, then let me know and we will gladly give you a full refund.

It’s zero risk on your part.

How it Works

1. Register today to save your spot.

2. Join us via Zoom on March 22 & 23 (or catch the full replay).

3. Revisit the materials any time you need.

4. Unlock the benefits of margin in your schedule!

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Live-Online: March 22 – 23 (Full Replay Available)



  • Productivity training for CEOs and Business Leaders
  • Done With You workshop. Get real-time coaching and guidance through all the material
  • Private Zoom sessions on March 22 & 23
  • Workbook with templates, cheat sheets, and step-by-step guides (PDF)
  • Replay Access: Get all the recordings and materials
  • BONUS: Two free tickets to our in-person Mastermind event in KC, MO on April 4 – 5, 2023 ($2,400 value)

Questions? Email me directly:

Why you may need this workshop

Use the Law of Boundaries to your advantage!

Work always expands to fill the time it’s given...

Yet 95% of leaders do nothing about this fact!

Without a simple structure for work boundaries, your team and your role will use up all of your time and leave you none left over to grow your business and design your new ideas.

With the boundaries of the 8-Week Work Cycle, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel for you and your whole team. This does wonders to improve focus, productivity, and morale. (Even if you choose to implement things in a unique or different way.)

It will never be easier to build sustainability and health into the foundation of how your company works than right now. You can’t afford to wait for it to happen “some day” because “some day” will never actually happen. Complexity happens by default; margin and simplicity happen by design. The time to focus on margin is today.

If your company experiences busywork, reactive work (putting out fires), procrastinating and putting things off, or feeling burnt out, then you need to make a change.

At the Productivity Intensive, I will show you how to build margin and simplicity into your personal calendar as well as into the foundation of your organization.

This is a revolutionary way to run your schedule and your company.

Imagine the pride of ownership when this is YOUR team's competitive advantage the same way it has been mine.

If you want to grow your profits, retain top talent, and continue to do great work without burning out then this is the program for you.

Here’s a text I recently received from a marketing agency owner I worked with to help implement the 8-Week Cycles for his agency:

Or, how I worked with Mo Bunnell — a business sales consultant — who slashed his business travel while also growing his revenue (and much more).

In short, margin and focus are directly related to profits and growth for your business.

And, more importantly, margin is a necessary component of a thriving, enjoyable, sustainable business.

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